About the conference

The Panhellenic Academic Libraries Conference has been, for about 30 years, the meeting point of librarians of Higher Education Institutions of Greece and the place of highlighting developments in the field. It is an instrument of exchanging views and searchings for common ground towards the best possible support of the mission of the institutions of tertiary education. At the same time, it is a host for the reception, processing and assimilation of all critical and useful developments in the international arena and a lever for upgrading the teaching and research work of the Greek Universities.

The Library & Information Center of the University of Patras invites you to the 27th Panhellenic Conference of Academic Libraries that will take place in Patras from 25 to 27 October 2021. The conference is organized for the fourth time by BKP and its main theme is Academic libraries: beacons of freedom of knowledge.

In an age of great tension and dominant narratives, academic libraries must defend the freedom to knowledge, but also the freedom for knowledge. The realization of these values ​​presupposes the existence of a free spirit that encourages creative reforms in the production and circulation of new knowledge, the availability of existing ones in innovative ways and in multiple forms thanks to digital media, the inclusion of all citizens, the appropriate know-how and the pedagogical character – all inherent elements of libraries.